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How to get started with Trezor device via

Selecting a perfect wallet for keeping the crypto market safe is the toughest thing to do. Beginners usually have a hard time finding a perfect wallet for them. The process is even more difficult because there are plenty of wallets available in the market and almost all of them offer the same thing. So, it becomes quite hard to know which is the best.

But we are not here to help you out in the wallet selection procedure, however, we are presenting you this write-up for those who have made up their mind and are using Trezor Wallet for keeping their crypto assets. Read along with the following content to know about the setting up procedure of it via

Pros of using Trezor

Since you have decided to select Trezor Wallet for keeping digital assets, you must already know the advantages of this hardware wallet. But, still, we are providing you with some of the positive points of it:

Steps for setting up

The wallet setup is not as difficult as it seems to be. The process could take up a few minutes to set up your new account but it does not mean that it would be difficult to do so. Hence, let us understand the process of it:

  1. Take out the USB Cable provided with the Trezor Device.
  2. Connect the hardware device to the computer or laptop by the USB cable.
  3. Once the wallet is switched on, it would say ‘Go to’.
  4. Open the link that is displayed on the wallet screen.
  5. Download the Trezor Wallet application on the computer.
  6. Tap ‘Yes Install’.
  7. Set up your fingerprint for security purposes.
  8. Tap ‘Continue’.
  9. Disconnect the devices by unplugging the USB Cable.
  10. Now, attach the disconnected devices again.
  11. You have to create a PIN for the Trezor Wallet.
  12. And now in the final step, the Secret Recovery Phrase of the account would be showcased on the screen, make sure you have stored the phrase somewhere safe.

How to get logged in?

After describing the wallet setup process let us now understand the process of getting logged in:

  1. Open the Trezor application that you have installed by using the
  2. Click the ‘login’ button shown on the screen.
  3. Write up the PIN you have set up at the time of registration.
  4. Then on the hardware device match your fingerprints.

Once the stated steps have been completed you can use your wallet without any issues.

Wrapping it Up!

After the sudden boom in the crypto market, traders have become quite conscious about the security of the funds. There have been cases of the wallet being hacked and this has set a fear in the mind of users. So, the users are looking more closely at the security of the wallet. So, it is preferred that the users should opt for the hardware wallet and not compromise the security of the wallet. And best hardware wallet is Trezor Wallet whose application can be downloaded by using